b'FORGING TRANSFORMATION. FOSTERING SUSTAINABILITY. There are 23 Benefits in seven categoriesSICKNESS An insured person does not have to experience any loss The Sickness Benefit is paid to an insured person who isof earnings in order to access these benefits.employed but unable to work and suffers loss of pay asRETIREMENTa result of illness not related to an accident on the job. The period of illness must be certified by a registeredThe Retirement Benefit is paid to an insured person who medical practitioner and must be for four or more days.has made contributions to the NIBTT and has attained This benefit is intended to provide financial assistanceretirement age. This benefit is intended to supplement during certified periods of illness. The benefit you receive,ones retirement income and can either be in the form however, may not cover full loss of earnings. of a pension, payable for life, or a lump sum/one-time grant payment. The number of contributions made over MATERNITY an insureds working life determines whether a pension The Maternity Benefit is paid to a pregnant insuredor grant is paid. A pension is paid where the insured has woman using her National Insurance contributions. Aa minimum of 750 contributions and a grant where the special maternity grant, however, is paid to a pregnantinsured has contributed less than 750 contributions. woman using the fathers contributions when the motherThe minimum pension or grant payable is $3,000.00.does not have sufficient contributions for the benefit. TheFUNERAL GRANTpregnancy must have lasted at least 26 weeks or have resulted in a live birth. Both the maternity benefit andThe Funeral Grant is a lump sum, one-time payment that the special maternity grant are paid as a lump sum. Theis made to the person who met the costs of the funeral maternity benefit consists of an allowance for up to 14expenses for a deceased insured. It is intended to ease weeks and a grant per child, while the special maternitythe funeral-related costs for a deceased insured and grant is a single payment per child. does not include the cost of items such as food, flowers, rental of chairs, etc.INVALIDITY SURVIVORSThe Invalidity Benefit is paid to an insured person who is medically certified as unable to work for a year orThe Survivors Benefit is paid to certain dependents of more because of a mental or bodily disease or illness,a deceased insured person who has died other than by not caused by a job-related injury. a job-related accident. If the insured person died as a result of a job-related accident or injury, an application EMPLOYMENT INJURY for Death Benefit can be made. The benefit is payable to The Employment Injury Benefit is paid to an insureda widow, widower, child, stepchild, disabled child, orphan person who is injured in the course of and as a result ofor dependent parent of a deceased insured person who his/her employment and comprises a range of individualhas made a least 50 contributions. Survivors Benefit is benefits including Injury Benefit, Disablement Benefit,intended to provide financial assistance in the event of Death Benefit and Medical Expenses. These benefitsthe death of a breadwinner.are intended to provide financial assistance for various contingencies in the case of a job-related injury or accident. 5'