b'FORGING TRANSFORMATION. FOSTERING SUSTAINABILITY. NOTES TO THE SPECIAL PURPOSE FINANCIAL STATEMENTSFOR THE YEAR ENDED 30 JUNE 2018(Expressed in Trinidad and Tobago Dollars)11.Other assets (continued)i.Other assets (continued)The Liquidator has also been ordered to:ii.Convert to Trinidad and Tobago Dollars all foreign currency instruments as at the date of the Winding UpOrder namely, 17 October 2011 and to make any and all dividend distribution in Trinidad and Tobago Dollars.As a direct result of the above, on 1 May 2018 an amount of TT$358,177,860 was received and a second payment on 14 May 2018 to the value of TT$46,367,839 was also recovered, totalling $404,545,699.12.Cash and cash equivalents20182017$000$000Cash at bank (TT$)2,776,4702,450,562Cash at bank (US$)167,76497,012Money Market Fund (TT$)2,4872,461Money Market Fund (US$) 441,154 180,3663,387,8752,730,40113.Benefits fundThe benefits fund comprises the following funds:Long-term benefits fund which is held to cover retirement pensions, retirement grants, invalidity andsurvivors benefits in respect of qualifying persons.Short-term benefits fund which is held to cover sickness and maternity benefits and funeral grants inrespect of qualifying persons.Employment injury benefits fund which is held to cover employment injury benefits to eligible insuredpersons. As described in Notes 2 and 4, the benefits fund balances do not represent NIBTTs liability to beneficiaries but instead reflects the allocation of the accumulated fund based on the application of certain ratios as advised by NIBTTs Actuary.14.Revaluation reserveThe revaluation reserve reflects gains or losses on revaluation of freehold properties.20182017$000$000Opening balance for the period72,62472,624Closing balance for the period72,62472,62457'