b'FORGING TRANSFORMATION. FOSTERING SUSTAINABILITY. Our efforts in this regard, demonstrate ourCOLLABORATIONS commitment to safeguarding the National Insurance Fund to ensure its sustainability.Ministry of Labour and Small Enterprise Human ResourcesDevelopment (MOLSED)The approved staff structure of the NIBTT forIn support of an initiative of the Ministry of Labour the reporting period was 711 employees. Theand Small Enterprise Development, the NIBTT was empowerment of staff is a key element in theinvited to sit on the Inter-Ministerial Committee for the mission of the NIBTT, as we recognise that this isDevelopment of a Labour Migration Policy for Trinidad the foundation for us achieving the levels of serviceand Tobago. Members of this Cabinet-appointed to which we aspire. The NIBTT continues to ensurecommittee are due to receive their instruments of that we retain the right people and equip them withappointment at the beginning of the next financial the right skills to excel in their respective functions. Inyear.accordance with the revised organisational structure,The NIBTT participated in the National Tripartite key positions were filled including that of ChiefAdvisory Council as part of a discussion on the Operations OfficerBusiness Services, while fivedevelopment of a National Severance Benefit appointments were made at the Senior ManagementFramework.Preliminary discussions saw the NIBTT Level.assuming the lead role in guiding the development Staff professionalism and commitment was reflectedof a framework for the rationalisation of a Guarantee in 96% of employees earning performance ratingsmechanism under the Act. Discussions are ongoing of good or higher. Another significant achievementon this matter.was the completion of 100% of planned trainingThe University of the West Indies (The UWI)programmes for staff at all levels in the organisation.Given the modern, global challenge of population Additionally, in an effort to support positiveageing and the concomitant impact on social security engagements and work life balance, an Employeesystems of this phenomenon, the NIBTT partnered Engagement Plan programme was developed. Thewith the Institute for Gender and Development key activities in this programme completed during theStudies of The UWI, St Augustine to host a financial year, included: conference titled: Connecting the DotsWork-The roll-out of the NIBTT professional promoting Life Balance and Ageing, on the UWI campus at St a benchmark level of professionalism for allAugustine on the April 26-27, 2018. employeesAlong with academic luminaries who specialised in Leadership, strategic thinking, coaching and the study of ageing, the Executive Director delivered mentoring, and Industrial Relations sensitisationthe feature address on the second day of the for the management teamconference and took the opportunity to share with the participants findings and recommendations of The roll-out of the Customer Service Charter the 9th Actuarial Review of the NIS, much of which detailing the standards of customer service toare attempts to mitigate the impact which ageing has which all employees should follow.wrought on the system.Foundational Training and a career planning The International Social Security Association workshop for new recruits (ISSA) Execution of the staff development training plan The NIBTT partnered with ISSA to host a Customised for staff at all levels of the organisation Training and an Academy Workshop on ISSA Guidelines on Good Governance with a focus on good Other social activities organised for staff and theirgovernance, strategic planning and risk management. families included: The training and workshop was held at the NIBTTs Corporate Headquarters in Port of Spain over the The Independence Day Light It Up fireworks period June 25-29, 2018. Participants included viewing event. representatives from the Social Insurance agencies of The NIBTT Staff Cook-Out held at La Vega Anguilla, the British Virgin Islands, St Lucia, and Turks Estate in September 2017. and Caicos.29'