b'A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 7 - 2 0 1 8EMPLOYMENT INJURY BENEFITSThe Employment Injury benefits branch showed athese benefits decreased by 339 persons or 6.3% decrease in the number of recipients and the valuefrom 5,386 in the previous year to 5,047 in FY2018. of benefits paid. This group comprises DisablementPayment to this group totalled $80.58Mn or 1.6% of Pension and Grant, Death Benefit, Medical Expensestotal benefit expenditure.and Employment Injury. The number of recipients of BenefitNumber ofBenefit% of Total% of TotalTypeBeneficiaries ExpenditureEIBEIBBeneficiariesExpenditureDisablement Pension3,180 $51,356,430.52 63%64%Disablement Grant66 $2,208,885.47 1%3%Death452 $10,067,826.26 9%12%Medical Expenses67 $ 118,069.88 1%0%Injury Allowance1,282 $16,830,382.98 26%21%Total5,047 $80,581,595.11 100%100% % of Total Beneficiaries2.6% % of Total Benefit1.6%Expenditure Employment Injury Benefit 21%0%12%3%64%Disablement Pension Disablement Grant Death Medical Expenses Injury Allowance24'