b'FORGING TRANSFORMATION. FOSTERING SUSTAINABILITY. NOTES TO THE SPECIAL PURPOSE FINANCIAL STATEMENTSFOR THE YEAR ENDED 30 JUNE 2018(Expressed in Trinidad and Tobago Dollars)9.Mortgage advances (continued)20182017$000$000The movement in the provision for non-performing advances wasas follows:Provisions as at 1 July 51,74651,746Movement for the year(2,510)Provisions at end of period 49,236 51,746Mortgage advances earn interest at an average effective rate of 8.00% (2017: 8.00%).10.Property being developed for saleIn 2004, the NIBTT commenced development of a residential gated community in DAbadie, Omeara known as Riverwoods, comprising of single-family homes and townhouses. The development was successfully completed in 2017.The carrying value of properties being developed for sale was arrived at as follows: 20182017$000$000Cost as at 1 July23,37931,997Units sold (17,179)(8,618)6,20023,379Additional units for sale 9,83016,03023,379Less: Provision for diminishing value(4,670)16,030 18,709The movement in the provision for diminution in value ofProperty being developed for sale:Provisions as at 1 July4,67027,628Movement for the year(4,670) (22,958)Provisions at end of year4,670 55'