b'A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 7 - 2 0 1 8PerformanceFY2016FY2017FY2018% Increase/% Increase/IndicatorsDecreaseDecrease2016-20172017-2018Claims Benefit Recipients186,839191,840197,3792.68%2.89%Long-Term153,823160,420166,0784.29%3.53%Beneficiaries New Claims Paid43,55440,94841,086-5.98%0.34%Compliance Customer Base673,606644,410 625,422-4.33%-2.95%Insured Contributors514,561479,036 452,234-6.90%-5.59%Employers20,47921,34220,8694.21%-2.22%Employers Surveyed 4,5894,5122,315-1.68%-48.69%Financial Contribution Income$4,251.70Mn $4,608.24Mn $4,669.61Mn 8.39%1.33%Investment IncomeRealised$1,007.27Mn $935.94Mn $1,991.24Mn -7.08%112.75%Miscellaneous Income$2.32Mn $0.18Mn ($0.92)Mn-92.24%-608.33%Benefit Expenditure$4,513.24Mn $4,748.50Mn $4,895.77Mn 5.21%3.10%Administrative Cost$225.99Mn $214.05Mn $214.01Mn -5.28%-0.02%Administrative Cost5.32%4.64%4.58%-0.68*-0.06*as a % of ContributionIncome Administrative Cost as5.35%3.50%3.28%-1.85*-0.22*a % of Total Income Net Yield ofInvestment Portfolio1.81%6.26% 5.71%4.45* -0.55*(realised & unrealised)/Overall InvestmentPortfolio Return *** Total Funds$25.24Bn $26.40Bn $27.83Bn 4.60%5.42%Total Assets$25.49Bn $26.61Bn $27.99Bn 4.39%5.19%*Percentage Points*** Return based on Investment PortfolioExcludes Cash Balances from NIBTTs Pension Plan A/c,MAT Securities (Mortgages), Funeral Grant Cash Account and other cash accounts Some of our key operational statistics include:1.Contribution income in FY2018 was $4,669.61Mn, 4.Total Funds increased by 5.42% from $26.40Bnan increase of 1.33% over the figure recorded foras at June 30, 2017 to $27.83Bn as atthe previous year. June 30, 2018.2.The number of beneficiaries increased by 5,539 5.Total Assets increased by 5.19% from $26.61Bnor 2.89% to 197,379 in FY2018 compared withas at June 30, 2017 to $27.99Bn as at191,840 in FY2017. June 30, 2018.3.Benefit Expenditure amounted to $4,895.77Mn 6.Administration expenses as a percentage ofand represented an increase of 3.10% over thecontribution income decreased marginally from previous year. 4.64% in FY2017 to 4.58% in FY2018.20'