b'FORGING TRANSFORMATION. FOSTERING SUSTAINABILITY. 7.The customer base decreased by 18,988 persons These initiatives, coupled with the diligence of staff or 2.95% to a total of 625,422 in FY2018. and synergistic teamwork among departments, 8.The active employer population decreased by came together and resulted in an overall customer 2.22% from 21,342 in FY2017 to a total of 20,869satisfaction score of 91%, according to an at the end of FY2018. independent survey conducted by Market Facts and Opinion (2000) Ltd. CUSTOMER SERVICE DELIVERY EMPLOYER AND EMPLOYEE REGISTRATIONEnhancing service delivery to improve CustomerDuring FY2018, the number of employers registering Satisfaction is one of six strategic objectives to bewith the National Insurance Board decreased by achieved in the current strategic planning period291 or 13% to 1,928 compared to the previous years (FY2017FY2019). In keeping with this objective,figure of 2,219. The active employer population also many initiatives have been implemented during thedecreased from 21,342 in FY2017 to 20,869 at the reporting period aimed at improving our serviceend of FY2018. This represents a decrease of 473 delivery. Some of the major initiatives included: employers or a 2.22% drop over the reporting period.1.A revision of processes to improve the time The NIBTT registered a total of 16,373 new employed taken to resolve queries from customers persons during FY2018, an increase of 6% or 854 2.The roll-out of Coaching and Mentoring persons over the 15,519 new registrants in FY2017. training for managers and supervisors within the organisation BENEFIT ADMINISTRATION3.Customer Service Charter training for all staff Beneficiaries received a total of $4,895.77Mn in 4.The completion of the Customer Service benefit payments in FY2018. This represented an Policy increase in expenditure of 3.10% over the previous 5.Relocation of the Tobago Service Centre to a reporting period. new convenient locationBenefit Expenditure 2016 - 2018MILLIONS21'