b'A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 7 - 2 0 1 8LONG-TERM BENEFITS Consistent with population ageing and projectionsGrant, Invalidity and Survivors Benefit recipients, for the evolution of the NIS, the long-term benefitswhose number increased by 5,658 or 3.53% from branch showed an increase in the number of160,420 in the previous year to 166,078 in FY2018. recipients and the value of benefits paid. This benefitPayment to this group totalled $4,575.31Mn or 93.5% group consists of Retirement Pension, Retirementof total benefit expenditure.BenefitNumber ofBenefit% of Total% of TotalTypeBeneficiaries ExpenditureLong-TermLong-TermBeneficiariesExpenditureRetirement Pension112,795$3,938,677,059.56 68%86%Retirement Grant5,110$169,749,423.51 3%3%Survivors Benefit 44,305$391,616,776.30 27%9%Invalidity 3,868$75,269,332.09 2%2%Total166,078$4,575,312,591.46 100%100% % of Total Beneficiaries84.1% % of Total Benefit93.5%Expenditure 86%2%9%3%Long-Term BenefitsRetirement PensionInvaliditySurvivors BenefitRetirement Grant22'