b'FORGING TRANSFORMATION. FOSTERING SUSTAINABILITY. SHORT-TERM BENEFITSThe short-term benefits branch showed an increaseof these benefits increased marginally by 0.85% in the number of recipients, but a decrease in thefrom 26,034 in the previous year to 26,254 in FY2018. value of benefits paid. This benefit group consists ofPayment to this group totalled $239.88Mn or 4.9% of Sickness Benefit, Maternity Benefit, Special Maternitytotal benefit expenditure.Grant and Funeral Grant. The number of recipients BenefitNumber ofBenefit% of Total% of TotalTypeBeneficiaries ExpenditureShort-TermShort-TermBeneficiariesExpenditureSickness Benefit10,338$54,299,934.64 39%23%Maternity Benefit 7,142$123,769,618.37 28%52%Special Maternity Grant 1,084$4,221,250.00 4%1%Funeral Grant7,690$57,586,652.00 29%24%Total26,254$239,877,455.01 100%100% % of Total Beneficiaries13.3% % of Total Benefit4.9%Expenditure 23%52%1%24%Short-Term BenefitsSickness BenefitMaternity Benefit Special Maternity GrantFuneral Grant23'