b'A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 7 - 2 0 1 8NOTES TO THE SPECIAL PURPOSE FINANCIAL STATEMENTSFOR THE YEAR ENDED 30 JUNE 2018(Expressed in Trinidad and Tobago Dollars)4.Summary of significant accounting policies (continued) n.Determination of fair values (continued)i.Financial assets at fair value through profit or loss (continued)Level 2Included in the Level 2 category are financial assets and liabilities that are measured using a valuation technique based on assumptions that are supported by prices from observable current market transactions and for which pricing is obtained via pricing services, but where fair values based on broker quotes, investments in private equity funds with fair values obtained via fund managers and assets that are valued based using its own models whereby the majority of assumptions are market observable.Level 3Included in the Level 3 category are financial assets and liabilities that are not quoted as there are no active markets to determine a price. These financial instruments are held at cost, being the fair value of the consideration paid for the acquisition of the investment, and are regularly assessed for impairment.30 June 2018Level 1Level 2Level 3Total$000$000$000$000Investment securitiesBonds821,9587,709,286550,0399,081,283Equities10,450,969378,10656,75010,885,825Mutual funds 854,14952,773 906,92212,127,0768,087,392659,56220,874,03030 June 2017Level 1Level 2Level 3Total$000$000$000$000Investment securitiesBonds356,3597,895,171116,2338,367,763Equities10,457,678378,85156,75110,893,280Mutual funds 873,52651,988 925,51411,687,5638,274,022224,97220,186,557Movements in Level 3 financial instruments measured at fair value20182017$000$000Balance beginning of period224,972657,202Purchases1,203,228117,582Repayments(773,681)(549,232)Transfer outNet unrealised gain/(loss) 5,043 (580)Balance at end of period 659,562 224,97248'