The National Insurance Board of Trinidad and Tobago (NIBTT) pays benefits to persons who register and pay contributions to the National Insurance System.

Over the years significant changes have been made to the National Insurance System. These changes provided:

  • more generous cash benefits to insured persons and their dependent survivors
  • increased levels of earnings that are subject to N.I. contributions keep the value of benefits relevant to current levels of earnings; and
  • marginally increased rates at which contributions are paid on insurable earnings that part of an insured person's earnings that is covered by the National Insurance System, introduction of tougher measures to allow the NIBTT to protect the system against fraudulent claims and other fraudulent activities.

Employed persons who earn $200.00 or more per week must be registered and are required to contribute to the National Insurance System. These contributions allow insured persons to qualify for a range of benefits.

Employed persons earning less than $200.00 per week and who are contributors as at March 3, 2014 and continued in insurable employment on March 4, 2014 will continue to participate in the National Insurance System. Today, we stand proud, adding value to our customers' lives by offering 23 benefits in 7 categories. These benefits are designed to alleviate the economic burdens.

NIS Benefits categories breakdown:

  • Sickness
  • Maternity
    • Grant
    • Allowance
    • Special Maternity Grant
  • Invalidity
  • Funeral Grant
  • Retirement
    • Retirement Pension
    • Retirement Grant
  • Employment Injury
    • Injury Allowance
    • Medical Expenses
    • Disablement Grant
    • Disablement Pension
  • Employment Injury Death
    • Widow's Pension
    • Widower's Pension
    • Child's Allowance
    • Dependent Parent Pension
    • Remarriage Grant
  • Survivors'
    • Widow's Pension
    • Widower's Pension
    • Remarriage Grant
    • Child's Allowance
    • Orphan's Allowance
    • Dependent Parent Pension

Please view the Benefit Claims Guidelines & Checklist weblink icon page when completing your claim.