Funeral Grant

The National Insurance Funeral Grant is a lump-sum payment made to the person who met the cost of Funeral Expenses of a deceased insured person.

Who Can Claim?

A spouse, a relative, a friend, or the administrator of the estate of the insured person, employer.

The Funeral Grant will be paid only if the insured person:

Form To Be Completed

NI8 Funeral Grant Claim Form  

Supporting Documentation

  • Death Certificate.
  • Bills/receipts for funeral expenses.
  • National Insurance Registration Card of the deceased.
  • Original and copy of a valid PICTURE ID of both the claimant and the person submitting the claim on behalf of the claimant (where applicable) is required for acceptance of the claim.

When To Apply?

The claim must be submitted to the Service Centre within 3 months of the date of death of the insured person.

Late Applications

You must apply on time to ensure that you receive your benefit. Any claim submitted later than the stipulated 3 months can result in your claim being disqualified, unless you can show good cause for the delay in submission. Your explanation must be submitted in writing. Even with good cause, if your claim is made more than 12 months after the death of the insured, the benefit shall be forfeited.

Time Frames

  • 0-3 Months - Claim on time and can be accepted.
  • 3-12 Months - Claim late and may be accepted with good cause
  • 12 Months and over - Claim late and shall be disallowed.

How To Apply?

Submit your claim to the NIBTT Service Centre most convenient to you. There, one of our customer service representatives will accept your claim for processing.

How Much Will Be Paid?

Effective March 4, 2013 the Funeral Grant is a lump-sum payment of 7,500.00.


Use of National Insurance Forms
Whenever  you perform National Insurance functions under the National Insurance Act or Regulations, you must accurately complete the specific National Insurance forms that are designed so that you can give all the information required.

All of these forms are available FREE of charge at any National Insurance Service Centre or are downloadable.