The Authorised Officer

The NIBTT, under the authority of the National Insurance Act, appoints the Authorised Officer (sometimes called the Compliance Officer), to ensure that the requirements of that Act are being met. The Authorised Officer is vested with certain statutory powers.

In accordance with Section 32(1) of the National Insurance Act the Authorised Officer has the power to enter any premises or place at all reasonable times (except a private dwelling house which is not used for trade or business) where the Officer has reason to believe that a business is going on, and that there are employees within the meaning of the National Insurance Act (See “Which Employees Must Be Registered”).

The Officer may also enter any place where books, records or other documents relating to employees are kept.

The Officer is empowered to examine all such books, records, documents or papers, computers or associated apparatus used in the collection, delivery or maintenance of records of employees, their wages/salaries and such other particulars as may be relevant to the National Insurance Act.

The Authorised Officer may be assisted by any other person in the search. If it is considered that there has been a violation of the National Insurance Act or Regulations, the Authorised Officer may retain these records. In such a case, the Officer will give a receipt for any documents to be taken away.

The Warrant Of Authority

The Authorised Officer must produce a WARRANT OF AUTHORITY. This Warrant has a picture of the Authorised Officer. As an employer, you should always ask to see this Warrant of Authority before allowing National Insurance documents to be examined or removed from your custody.  
The Authorised Officers are not authorised to receive contributions or any other payments on behalf of the NIBTT. Their duty is to ensure that you comply with the National Insurance requirements.

All sums due and owing to the NIBTT must be paid to the cashier at the NIBTT Service Centre.


If you are approached by anyone claiming to be an Authorised Officer of the NIBTT, who demands any payments from you, you should report this to the POLICE immediately. Authorised Officers DO NOT COLLECT money for the NIBTT.