Annual Reports

2009 Annual Report

The NIBTT's performance over the period July 2008-June 2009 was reflective of the strength and flexibility of our organisation and the unique and resilient culture of our management and staff that allowed us to meet the special challenges locally that were caused by the severe turbulence in the international financial sector.

2008 Annual Report

We are excited by the possibilities of how, together with our stakeholders, we can bring this remarkable organisation into its next phase of leadership and discovery.

2007 Annual Report

CELEBRATING 35 YEARS Our 35th financial year (2006/2007) was dedicated to developing methods to improve efficiency, add value and increase the product range for our stakeholders.

2006 Annual Report

For the first time 127,832 beneficiaries of the National Insurance System (NIS) collected more than one billion dollars in benefits. This is indeed a significant achievement for any organisation but more so, for the NIBTT, an organisation mandated to provide social insurance benefits to the employed population of Trinidad and Tobago and their dependents.

2005 Annual Report

We Are Stronger Together Financial year 2004/2005 was an excellent year. We were able to pay a greater number of persons improved benefi ts in fulfi lment of our commitment to deliver social insurance products and services that satisfy the needs of the population.

2004 Annual Report

We are pleased to report that we were able to achieve a smooth implementation of these amendments which provided insured persons and their beneficiaries with substantial increases in benefit payments, with a minimal increase of 1.5% in the contribution rate to be spread over the three-year period commencing March 1, 2004.

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